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13. Are your fees negotiable?12. You’ve got ZERO background in our industry.11. 30 minutes, by phone, once a week — how can that be enough time?10. So you get your new clients through referrals from your existing clients?

13. Are your fees negotiable?

Sure — you can pay more if you'd like! All kidding aside, I'm like insurance: If you want to insure that you're going to commit to giving your best effort, and be held accountable for it, then I'm confident that hiring me will be among the best investments you'll ever make in your business. If…

12. You’ve got ZERO background in our industry.

Guilty as charged — my main niche is Financial Advisors, and I've never been one. But I know a little something about the practical application of success principles as well as marketing and selling techniques for personal services. These are the critical success skills I help my clients acquire so they can go to the…

11. 30 minutes, by phone, once a week — how can that be enough time?

The fact that my clients and I formally have only 30 minutes together each week forces them to be focused, organized and well-prepared—habits I definitely want them to cultivate. I also require a weekly report emailed to me prior to our session that describes what went well, what needs improvement and an overall one-to-ten rating…