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Business Success: A Question of Faith — Ya Gotta Believe if You Wanna Succeed

"A man of courage is also full of faith." Marcus Tullius Cicero How many times have you heard expressions like: "Have faith." "Keep the faith." "Show a little faith." "Faith moves mountains." I don't mean to start Bible-thumping on you, but faith holds an important place in the psyche of the most successful people. It was so important in Napoleon Hill's…

Got a Morning Success Ritual?

Begin each day with a Success Ritual to keep yourself on track. How do you start your morning -- do you hit the snooze button 2 or 3 times, then jump up at the last minute? Do you set a world record for the fastest shower, throw on some clothes, then wolf down hot coffee…

So You Wanna Be an OVERNIGHT SUCCESS in Your Business, Huh?

It's gonna be MUCH harder and take MUCH longer than you ever thought -- BUT DON'T GIVE UP. "If it were EASY to start up a successful new business, then everybody'd be doin' it, and then it would be worth the equivalent of flippin' burgers at your local McDonalds -- a minimum wage job." --…

Do You Feel Lucky? Five Causes of Good Fortune

Shallow men believe in luck. Strong men believe in cause and effect. Ralph Waldo Emerson I don’t know if you recall the scene from the 70’s movie Dirty Harry in which detective Harry Callahan, played by Clint Eastwood, asks a question of a criminal he’s holding at gunpoint about whether he knows if Callahan has…