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Turn Your Commute into a Drive-Time University

"You become what you think about." Earl Nightingale, co-founder of Nightingale-Conant Corporation The late, great Earl Nightingale's classic recording, "The Strangest Secret" -- that we become what we think about -- is the inspiration for my musings here. Most of us have some type of daily commute for our career, and what we choose to listen…

To Sell, or Not to Sell — That’s NOT the Question

“Nothing happens until a sale is made.” Thomas Watson Sr., founder of IBM What comes to mind when you think of a salesperson: Schmoozer? Shyster? Ripoff artist? Con man? Sleazebag? (Or worse …?)  What image do you get? Is it guy in a cheap suit trying to sell you a car that doesn’t run right? A financial guru who’s out to steal your…

March Madness — Are You On Track with Your 2017 Goals?

It's March -- we're a mere 60 days into the new year.  Are you taking it strong to the hoop on your way to winning your own version of the National Championship?  Or are you experiencing a different kind of "March Madness" -- fizzling out on your New Year's resolutions?  Did you start off strong…

The Contrarian Salesperson — 8 Rules to Help You Close the Deal

Every once in a while a book comes along that makes it easy to understand what can make us more effective in our sales career. The Contrarian Salesperson by Jody Williamson, a Sandler Training veteran, is a parable about the trials and tribulations of a slumping salesman named Alan Atleaster. It’s one of those read-it-in-an-hour books with…